Should I Feed a Baby Skunk I Found?

When you come across a baby Ohio skunk that has been left behind by its mother or neglected by their owners, it is best to inform the hotline and let the rehabber feed the kittens. This is because the diet plan for the skunks is very different from that of other Cleveland animals. Do not feed them with what you like. Either take the help of a rehabber to feed the Ohio skunks or hand it over to them completely. The babies will find it very difficult to swallow anything which is not meant for them and would suffer from terrible diarrhea, bloating and major nutritional deficiencies. If it is amust to feed them, in the case of any emergency, contact the hotline and take the advice from them.

The Cleveland skunks which you find in a yard are not domesticated and they are not meant to be pets. It is illegal to keep these wild baby skunks as pets. Do not try to raise the baby Ohio skunks on your own as it is strictly illegal and they also contain rabies. Rehabbers who raise these animals have pre-exposure vaccinations to help protect them from the disease. There is a specific formula and specifically designed foods for wild skunks. Their fat and protein requirements do not match with that of cats and dogs.

Baby Cleveland skunks eat almost anything their eyes can see, but this means they do fall sick very easily and develop diarrhea and painful bone diseases due to the wrong amount of calcium and will also lose their eyesight. It is very sad when a baby skunk is brought to a rehab center and cannot be saved because the rescuerkept it for weeks and fed it with inappropriate food. Skunks at different habitats will have a different diet. They consume vegetables, fruits, small mammals like mice, squirrels, rabbits, snakes and insects like worms, spiders, slugs etc. When the Ohio skunks are brought to a rehabilitation center, a variety of formulas is used which includes Esbilac, Fox Valley, and KMR. The newly arrived skunks should be allowed to reach a normal body temperature before feeding them with anything. Their organs cannot process food until they get warmed. If any kind of fluids or food is given to a very cold baby, it won'thave enough energy to process it and will lead to death. The use of certain instruments is introduced for feeding the newly arrived skunks. If these conditions are satisfied then you can proceed to feed the Ohio skunks or else contact the nearest hotline and hand it over to them.

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