Snake Poem

Snake poem or rhyme is used for differentiating between poisonous Cleveland snakes from a nonpoisonous one. It is considered as a very good way of identifying coral snake from snakes that don’t contain poison such as scarlet kingsnake or milk snake. There is no particular harm in assuming that all Ohio snakes which are colorful are dangerous, but this concept has led to unnecessary killing of many harmless snakes so it is good to keep yourself updated in this regard. The rhyme is being mentioned below so that readers can get a proper idea related with this concept.

Red Touch Yellow - Kills a Fellow
Red Touch Black - Venom Lack
Yellow Touches Red - Soon You'll Be Dead
Red Touches Black - Friend of Jack

Different versions of this rhyme are present but the concept of message associated with all of these is same. It is more related with identifying Cleveland coral snake if red color is touching black, then snake will not be poisonous on the other hand if red is touching yellow then possibility is high that snake will be containing venom so it is better to stay away from the creature. However, the right kind of suggestion is that in all cases you should stay away from colored Ohio snakes this particular song is specified for a particular region not all parts of the world. Coral snake has many species and all of them contain venom, but colors are same.

Main point to highlight here is that in reality very high level of similarity is present between Cleveland coral snake and scarlet king snake, but only former is venomous. It is more related with understanding the color pattern laid upon snake’ skin red band is thick in comparison to yellow, but these two actually touch each other. Black bands will not touch red in case of snakes that contain venom. Chances are minimal that you are going to see Ohio coral snake in wild because these creatures prefer staying in dens during day time. Coral snake stays attached to its victim after biting. It continues to inject venom into wound bringing bigger complications. The bites inflicted by these snakes don’t show symptoms for many hours and victim move under the impression that they have not been bitten by venomous Cleveland snakes and it can be extremely dangerous. In all cases you should seek immediate medical attention after getting bitten taking risks is never safe.

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